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PCPB Club By-Laws

Amended BYLAWS of the PebbleCreek Pickleball Club

December 30, 2021

Section 1    Name.

Section 1   Name.

The name of this organization is the PebbleCreek Pickleball Club, hereafter referred to as the “PCPB Club.”

Section 2    Form of Organization, Purpose and Operation.

2.1 Organization.

2.1.1   The PCPB Club is organized as a tax-exempt Section 501(c)(7) of the Internal Revenue Code and state of Arizona statues and is a PebbleCreek Homeowners Association (hereafter the “PCHOA”) resident organization that complies with the PCHOA bylaws and rules.

2.1.2   Not-for-profit (hereafter “Not-For-Profit”) Organization shall mean in these BYLAWS, with few exceptions, that the PCPB Club’s annual income should not significantly exceed the PCPB Club’s annual expenses.

2.1.3   While the PCPB Club operates as a Not-For-Profit Organization, periodically it may find it necessary to retain or raise funds for future maintenance, construction, or special projects. The retention or raising of such funds shall not be a violation of these BYLAWS, provided the retention or raising of such funds has been approved by the Membership.

2.2 Purpose.

The purpose of the PCPB Club is to promote the sport of pickleball by providing recreational, competitive, and social activities for the Members.

2.3 Operation.

The PCPB Club will conduct its business democratically, meaning that decisions or actions requiring a vote of the Membership, or the PCPB Club officers (hereafter “Officers” or “Officer”, or at times the “Board” as defined in Section 4.1.2) will be determined by majority of votes of the Members or Officers present at time of voting unless otherwise stated in these BYLAWS, or by the majority of votes received if voting is over an extended period and/or is electronic.

2.4 Authority Delegated to the Board by Members.

Except for (i) matters that require approval of the Members by the terms in these BYLAWS, or (ii) are related to the responsibilities and authority delegated by the Members to specific Officers, the Board shall have the exclusive authority to make all decisions and take all actions and act on behalf of the PCPB Club to conduct, direct and manage the PCPB Club, its activities, operations, and affairs.

2.5 Discrimination Prohibited.

Membership and all rights of participation in the PCPB Club, including all tournaments and other events conducted or sanctioned by the PCPB Club, will be open to all persons without regard to race, age, religion, creed, sexual orientation, color, national origin, disability, or gender. Nonetheless, participation in divisions of tournaments and other events may be restricted and apportioned based on skill level, gender and/or age.

2.6 PCHOA Bylaw Compliance.

The PCPB Club BYLAWS shall comply with PCHOA bylaws, rules, and regulations, as may be amended by the PCHOA from time to time, and in the event of a conflict, the governing documents of the PCHOA shall prevail.

2.7 USA Pickleball (hereafter “USAP”).

The PCPB Club generally follows the standards and abides by the rules of the USAP.

Section 3    Membership.

3.1 Eligibility.

3.1.1   PCPB Club Membership is limited to individuals who meet the requirements of the PCHOA rules. An individual requesting to be a Member of the PCPB Club must be eligible for Membership per these BYLAWS and complete an application form and submit it to the PCPB Club Board, along with a signed Member Waiver Form (as defined in Section 3.3), and payment of dues and the New Member Initiation Fee (as defined in Section 3.7).

3.1.2   There shall be no precondition for PCPB Club Membership, other than described in these BYLAWS, and a Member of the PCPB Club is not required to join any national, state, regional or local affiliate organizations.

3.2 Members In Good Standing.

A Member is in good standing (hereafter “Member or Members In Good Standing”) when the Member is: i) eligible for Membership per Section 3.1, ii) their Membership has not been suspended or terminated, iii) their financial obligations to the PCPB Club are current, and iv) the Member Waiver Form (defined in Section 3.3) is on file.

3.3 Member Waiver Form.

Each Member must complete the member waiver form (hereafter “Member Waiver Form”). The completed forms will be stored in a file (electronically or hard copy) and maintained by the Board.

3.4 Membership Classifications.

3.4.1   PCPB Club has two Membership classifications: i) Annual Members and ii) Lifetime Members. The privileges of all Memberships are the same, the difference is the amount and timing of dues payments.

3.4.2   The Board may recommend additional Membership classification(s) and the dues amount for each of the additional classification(s) or may recommend the discontinuation of Membership classifications at the Annual Meeting (as defined in Section 6.1) or a Special Member Meeting (as defined in Section 6.3). The recommendation(s) shall be approved by a majority of the Members voting.

3.4.3   Prior to recommending to the Members any new Membership classification or the discontinuation of a Membership classification, the Board shall request and present a recommendation from the Finance Committee, (defined in Section 7.2).

3.5 Lifetime Members.

3.5.1   A Lifetime Member who does not meet the rules set by the PCHOA residency requirements will have their Membership suspended. When the Member meets such requirements Lifetime Membership will be reinstated.

3.6 Lifetime Member Membership Classification Discontinued.

3.6.1   If in the future the Members decide to discontinue the Lifetime Member Membership classification, existing Lifetime Members shall be “grandfathered” and shall not be required to make any additional dues payments beyond those already made by the Lifetime Member, except as otherwise provided in these BYLAWS.

3.6.2   Upon approval of discontinuation of the Lifetime Member Membership classification, the Lifetime Member Membership classification for the existing Lifetime Members shall read “Lifetime Member FROZEN” and shall remain listed as a classification of Membership until all Lifetime Members are no longer living.

3.7 Membership Dues and Fees.

3.7.1   New Member Initiation Fee.      The New Member Initiation Fee is a fee paid when an individual initially joins the PCPB Club.      The Board shall submit as part of the annual operating budget each year, a recommended New Member Initiation Fee amount for the next calendar year for the approval of the Members at the Annual Meeting.      Any approved New Member Initiation Fee will be effective January 1 of the next calendar year, unless otherwise approved by the Members.

3.7.2   Annual Membership Dues.      The Board shall submit as part of the annual operating budget a recommended dues amounts for the next calendar year for the various classifications of Membership for the approval of the Members at the Annual Meeting.         Dues for Members who joined prior to January 1, 2020, are payable January 1 of each year. Dues for Members joining after January 1, 2020, will be payable each year on the Members’ anniversary date of joining the PCPB Club.         Lifetime Members will not pay any additional Membership dues. However, Lifetime Members are not exempt from other fees approved by the Membership.

3.7.3   Activity Fees.

The Board is hereby authorized by the Members, without further action by the Members, to establish fees for the PCPB Club sponsored events and activities. All activity fees shall comply with the PCHOA rules.

3.7.4   Delinquent Dues and/or Fees.      Any monetary payment owed to the PCPB Club will be delinquent if not paid within 1 month of the due date.      After a Member is notified of being delinquent, Membership and Member privileges will be suspended until all money owed is paid. Once all money has been paid by the Member, the Member will be returned to a Member In Good Standing and all privileges reinstated, provided disciplinary action or similar has not suspended or terminated the Member’s Membership.

3.8 Code of Conduct.

3.8.1   All Members agree to foster an environment in which all players can play pickleball to the best of their abilities – and most importantly, can enjoy themselves while doing so.

3.8.2   All Members and their guest(s) must exhibit good sportsmanship and respectful behavior while at the PebbleCreek pickleball courts.

3.8.3   All Members must follow the directions of the duly elected Officers or their appointed representative(s) in an orderly manner at all functions of the PCPB Club.

3.8.4   An Officer or designee may deny a Member's participation in a PCPB Club activity if they believe that the participation would violate the Code of Conduct or for other good cause.

3.8.5   The Officers of the PCPB Club or their representative (s) may request that a Member leave an activity. If the Member refuses to leave or ignores the directions of the Officer and/or the representative or attempts to participate in an activity after being denied participation per Section 3.8.4., the Member may be subject to disciplinary action by the Board ranging from a verbal warning to expulsion.​

3.9 Remuneration and Expense Reimbursement.

3.9.1   None of the PCPB Club’s earnings or assets shall inure to or unduly benefit any person or private interests.

3.9.2   The Board may not receive compensation for services rendered in support of the activities of the PCPB Club. In these BYLAWS compensation shall include money, merchandise, services, benefits, or rebates from vendors providing services or merchandise to the PCPB Club that is not provided to every Member.

3.9.3   The Board may reimburse actual expenses or pay reasonable compensation to a Member or Members for pre-approved services rendered to the PCPB Club.

3.9.4   With the approval of the Board, a Member may receive any discount, or gift of merchandise or services provided such discount or gift is offered to the Membership.

3.10    Non-Member Use of Pickleball Courts.

3.10.1 Guests, (hereafter ‘Guests” is defined as the registered guests of PCHOA and guests of Preferred Robson Guest Program who have fulfilled the requirements of PCHOA and have a valid guest card) and Resident(s) have rights to use of the PebbleCreek pickleball courts. Resident(s) and Guests may play on any pickleball courts available for general play that are not scheduled for a PCPB Club activity or event or are not closed for maintenance or other reasons.

3.10.2 Resident(s) and Guests do not have to be escorted by a Member to play on the unreserved and open play courts.

3.10.3 The Resident(s) and Guests must follow the PCPB Club protocols established for the use of the pickleball courts, including court availability, sequencing of play, rating restrictions, maximum scoring limits, etc.

3.10.4 Members are encouraged to assist Resident(s) and Guests with the PCPB Club court rules.

Section 4    Officers and Board.

4.1 Officers.

4.1.1   The Officers of the PCPB Club are a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Officer-at-Large. The Officers are elected for a term of one (1) year and will serve until their successors are elected, unless stated otherwise by these BYLAWS.

4.1.2   The Officers jointly are referred to as PCPB Club Board (hereafter the “Board”)

4.1.3   The immediate past-President may serve on the PCPB Club Board in a one-year, non-voting capacity.

4.2 Nominations and Election.

4.2.1   Eligibility for Office.

A Member must meet eligibility requirements of Section 3.1 and be a Member In Good Standing to run for an Officer position.

4.2.2   Election Committee. Election Committee Appointment.   The President shall recommend to the Board for its approval an Election Committee consisting of a Chairperson and two (2) other Members no later than January 15 of each calendar year. The selection of the Members for the committee shall be from the Membership list. Candidate Recruitment.   The Election Committee shall canvas Members, including current Officers, to secure interest in running for the Officer positions that have terms expiring 11:59 PM on March 31 of the current year. The recruitment of candidates shall use multiple approaches to directly solicit candidate interest.   Any Member expressing interest and willing to run as a candidate for an Officer position shall be a candidate of the Election Committee.   Each Candidate shall submit to the Election Committee, by the date set by the Election Committee, a brief statement of interest for the Officer position being sought, which will be published to the Membership.   No candidate may seek more than one Officer position in an election. Successive Terms.

Current Officers are: i) eligible for re-election or ii) eligible to be a nominee for a different office by informing the Election Committee of their and interest and completing the statements of interest in Section

4.2.3   Election. Annual Election.

PCPB Club Officers are elected annually, and the election will commence between March 1st and March 10th. The term for Officers being elected shall commence on the first day of April and end on March 31 the following year, the election will be determined by the majority of Members voting. Electronic Voting.

Annual election voting will be done electronically by the Members In Good Standing. The voting will remain open for no less than 4 days, and all votes will remain anonymous. Results Notification.

At the conclusion of the election, the Election Committee will verify results, and notify the Board of the results. Once the Board notification has been completed, the results and vote tallies will be published to the Members. Results Challenge Process.

Any candidate may challenge the election results (hereafter referred to as “Challenger”) by contacting both the President and the Election Committee chairperson. The Challenger must submit to the Election Committee chairperson, no later than three (3) days after the announcement to the Members of the election results, a written complaint stating specific alleged election violations. The Election Committee will meet with the Challenger and discuss the complaint, and then review the process and numbers to determine, what if any, action should be taken on the challenge. The Election Committee shall make a final determination about the complaint and submit it to the Board within three (3) days after the meeting with the Challenger. The Election Committee decision shall be deemed final and unchallengeable.

Section 5.   Duties of the Officers.

5.1 President.

The President is the executive officer that oversees and manages the PCPB Club business activities and affairs, while serving as an ambassador of the PCPB Club to uphold the PCPB Club’s mission and interests of its Members, and in this capacity:

5.1.1   Preside over Board and Member meetings and lead the Board in the performance of its responsibilities by directing and overseeing the activities of the Officers.

5.1.2   Assure the PCPB Club remains in compliance with the PCHOA Rules by ensuring the timely completion and filing of the annual report, as well as any other required filings, and by being the PCPB Club liaison to the PCHOA, as well as the liaison between the Board and the Members.

5.1.3   Is accountable for the administration and conduct of PCPB Club business and ensure the PCPB Club and the Officers comply with the BYLAWS, and all PCPB Club policies.​

5.2 Vice President.

The Vice President assists the President with overseeing and managing the PCPB Club business, activities, and affairs, and in this capacity:

5.2.1   Perform duties of the President in the President's absence.

5.2.2   May be authorized by the Board to sign checks and make draws on the PCPB Club bank account(s) in accordance with these BYLAWS.

5.2.3   Perform other duties and responsibilities as requested by the President.

5.3 Secretary.

The Secretary assists the President with overseeing and managing the PCPB Club business, activities, and affairs, and in this capacity:

5.3.1   Maintain a current roster of the Members and signed Member Waiver Forms.

5.3.2   Issue notices of meetings of the Board and Member meetings.

5.3.3   Create and publish all PCPB Club Board and Member agendas and minutes.

5.3.4   Communicate with Members and others as appropriate.

5.3.5   May be authorized by the Board to sign checks and make draws on the PCPB Club bank account(s) in accordance with these BYLAWS.

5.3.6   Perform other duties and responsibilities as requested by the President.

5.4 Treasurer.

The Treasurer assists the President with overseeing and managing the PCPB Club business, activities, and affairs, and in this capacity:

5.4.1   Maintain the financial records of the PCPB Club and present monthly financial reports to the Board. The reports will be attached to the Board minutes and made available to the Members.

5.4.2   Prepare an annual Financial Report as required by the PCHOA rules, and any other reports as may be required by the Board.

5.4.3   Direct the preparation of annual operation and capital budgets for the PCPB Club and prepare financial projections of an anticipated future year(s) expenditures for Board and Member review and approval.

5.4.4   Is responsible for all the financial transactions of the PCPB Club.

5.4.5   Chair the Finance Committee.

5.4.6   Is authorized to sign checks and make draws on the PCPB Club bank account(s) in accordance with these BYLAWS.

5.4.7   Communicate with Members and others as appropriate.

5.4.8   Perform other duties and responsibilities as requested by the President.

5.5 Officer-At-Large.

The Office-at-Large assists the President with overseeing and managing the PCPB Club business, activities, and affairs, and in this capacity:

5.5.1   May be authorized by the Board to sign checks and make draws on the PCPB Club bank account(s) in accordance with these BYLAWS.

5.5.2   Communicate with Members and others as appropriate.

5.5.4   Perform other duties and responsibilities as requested by the President.

5.6 Member Eligibility Requirements No Longer Met By Officers.

If at any time during an Officer’s term in office, the Officer does not meet the Member eligibility requirements of Section 3.1, the Officer shall be deemed to have resigned, and the President shall recommend a Member to fill the Officer’s position per Section 5.8.

5.7 Removal of an Officer.

5.7.1   Application Procedure for Removal of Officer (Sections -

  1. An Officer Removal Application Package created by the Election Committee will consist of an Application for Removal (hereafter “Application”) and a petition signature form (hereafter “Signature Form(s)”).

  2. Any Member may request from and submit to the Election Committee an Application. The Member requesting the Application, (hereafter “Petitioner(s))” shall complete and return the Application to the Election Committee before any supporting signatures for removal are secured by the Petitioner(s). The application must state reasons for removal request.

  3.       Upon receipt of a completed Application, the Election Committee shall date the Application, advise the Petitioner(s) of total signatures required for the Application to be valid (10% of the Membership is required), and give a copy of the Application to the Petitioner(s) along with the Signature Form(s) for the securing of Members signatures. The top of each Signature Form shall include the reasons for removal as stated in the Application. The Election Committee shall send a copy of the Application and Signature Form(s) to the Board upon issuance to the Petitioner.

  4. After receiving the dated Application and Signature Form(s) from the Election Committee, the Petitioner(s) shall have fourteen (14) days to secure the required signatures. All signatures collected must be on the Signature Form(s) provided by the Election Committee, or a facsimile.

  5. If the required signatures are not submitted to the Election Committee at the end of the fourteen (14) days, the Application shall be deemed invalid, and no further action will be taken.

  6. If the Application submitted is for a potential violation of the BYLAWS, or the misuse or mishandling of funds, the Election Committee shall use the procedures in Section 5.7.3, in lieu of the procedures in Sections 5.7.1 and 5.7.2.

5.7.2   Removal of Officer Process (Sections -

  1. Signature Form(s) will be verified by Election Committee to ensure the signers are Members In Good Standing. The Election Committee shall complete its verification of signatures within 14 days. If the verified signatures are less than 10% of the Members In Good Standing, the Election Committee shall deem the Application invalid, and no further action taken. If valid, the Election Committee shall immediately inform the Board.

5.7.3   Removal of Officer for BYLAWS Violation or Mishandling of Funds. (Sections -

​If the final disciplinary action after agreement or reconsideration is suspension, the Officer shall be immediately removed from Office. Officer vacancies shall be filled per Section 5.8

5.8 Vacancy.

5.8.1   If an Officer position becomes vacant, a Member shall be appointed by the PCPB Club Board to fill the vacancy until the next election of Officers. In the event the President position becomes vacant, the Vice President will assume the position of President.

5.8.2   In the event all Officers offices are vacant, a special election will be held, and the Officers elected will serve for the remainder of the original Officers’ term.

Section 6    Meetings.

6.1 Annual Meeting.

6.1.1   An annual meeting (hereafter “Annual Meeting”) of the PCPB Club Membership will be held each year in November. A notice and agenda for the Annual Meeting will be published by the Board to the Members at least two (2) weeks prior to the meeting.

6.1.2   At the Annual Meeting: i) financials for the current year and a budget for the next year, ii) dues for all Membership Classifications for the following year, and iii) other business deemed necessary by the Board will be presented and approved by the majority of Members voting at the Annual Meeting.

6.2 Board Meetings.

Board meetings will be monthly at the time and place determined by the President. At least a one (1) week notice to the Members will be given, unless all Officers agree to waive the notice of requirement, and/or cancellation of a meeting.

6.3 Special Member Meetings.

A special member meeting (hereafter a “Special Member Meeting”) of Members may be called if either the President or three (3) Officers determine it is necessary. Notice of each Special Member Meeting and the agenda shall be sent to all Members at least two (2) weeks prior to the Special Member Meeting, except when a two (2) week notice is determined to be not practical by the Board.

6.4 Working Meetings of the Board.

6.4.1   Working meetings of the Board (hereafter “Working Board Meetings”) may be held at the discretion of the President or any three (3) Officers. No business related to the authority of the Board may be transacted during a working meeting, including voting on any action item(s).

6.4.2   The Working Board Meeting’s purpose is to plan, discuss issues and concerns, identify improvement opportunities, review the administrative or operation of the PCPB Club, etc.

6.4.3   The President or any Officer may invite a Member or other person(s) into the Working Board Meeting unless a majority of the Officers in attendance object. Membership notice or posting of agenda is not required for a Working Board Meeting.

6.5 Quorum.

The actual number of Members attending a Membership meeting will constitute a quorum. Three Officers will constitute a quorum for a meeting of the Board. Unless otherwise specified in these BYLAWS, all decisions of the Membership or the Board are made by a simple majority vote of those voting.

Section 7    Committees.

7.1 Formation.

All committees, including standing, ad hoc, and single purpose committees shall be appointed annually, and a chairperson recommended for each committee for Board approval.

7.2 Standing Committees.

7.2.1   The following Standing Committees shall be established, and duties and responsibilities delegated by the Board.7.3 Procedures.

7.3.1   The Board shall publish the name of the Chairperson of each committee to the Membership.

7.3.2   The committees in Section 7.2.1 shall maintain up-to-date written procedures that describe the duties of the chairperson and the committee. The Board is responsible to be sure the chairperson and committee understand the purpose and timeline of the committee work. The procedures shall be available to the Members.

7.3.3   Committees are responsible for making written recommendations to the Board for action(s), and cannot take independent action(s), except when stated in these BYLAWS.

Section 8  Finance.

8.1 Annual Budgets.

8.1.1   At the Annual Membership meeting the President or their designee shall present both an operating and capital budget for the next calendar year for the Members approval by a majority of the Members voting. The annual operating budget shall have both revenues by source and expenditures by category estimated for the year. The capital budget shall list any capital expenditures along with an estimated cost for each expenditure for the next year.

8.1.2   If the Board later determines adjustments to the approved budget are required, it may request the Members to authorize an amended budget via electronic vote.

8.2 Authority To Make Expenditures.

8.2.1   Upon approval of the operating and capital budget, without further action by the Members, the Board is authorized to make expenditures as budgeted, except as otherwise stated in these BYLAWS.

8.2.2   The Members further authorize the Board, without further action by the Members to reallocate funds between the various categories of the operating budget, and between the capital projects listed in the capital budget, as may be necessary. Such reallocation of funds between categories or projects by the Board shall not exceed the total approved budgeted expenditures and shall not include reallocating funds from the operating budget to the capital budget, or vice-versa.

8.2.3   Except as provided in Section 8.4, no Officer or the Board is authorized to spend funds for unbudgeted items without approval by a majority vote of the Members, except if otherwise stated in these BYLAWS.

8.3 Accumulated Surplus Funds.

The accumulated surplus funds are the excess of revenue over expenditures from the beginning of the organization to the present. The accumulated surplus funds can grow year over year, provided there is a future purpose that requires additional funds, or if there are identified capital expenditures in the upcoming budget year.

8.4 Unbudgeted/Unanticipated Expenditures.

The Members authorize the President and Treasurer to spend up to $1,000 in operating expenses and $2,500 in capital expenditures from accumulated surplus funds for unanticipated expenditure(s). The total annual amount spent for unanticipated expenditures shall not exceed the above expenditure limits without Member approval.

8.5 Check Signing Authority.

The Officers are authorized by the Members to make payments of any amount if the expenditure is in the annual operating and/or capital budgets approved by the Members, or as otherwise provided in Sections 8.2 and 8.4.  However, payments that exceed $2,500 must have written approval of at least three (3) Officers.

Section 9    Document Retention System

9.1 Financial Record Retention.

9.1.1    Deposit Detail. The Treasurer shall retain a physical copy of the deposit summary listing date of deposit, bank account number, source name, (if known), source check number (if applicable), general ledger account classifications, amount of payment, explanation (if needed).

9.1.2    Disbursement Detail. The Treasurer shall retain a physical copy of invoices supporting each expenditure, whether by check, ACH, cash or electronic withdrawal. The source and date of the payment will be written on the invoice.

9.1.3   Bank Statements and Monthly Reconciliations, The Treasurer shall retain a physical copy of the bank statements and reconciliations.

9.1.4   Monthly Financial Statements and Monthly Reconciliations, The Treasurer shall retain a physical and electronic copy of the monthly financial statements, including detailed General Ledger, all bank reconciliations, a Cash Basis Balance Sheet, a Cash Basis Statement of Revenue and Expense for Operations, and the New Court Funds (if applicable). The electronic copy of the financial statements must be published on the PCPB Club’s website.

9.1.5   Annual Tax Returns and other compliance filings, The Treasurer shall retain a physical copy of the annual tax returns along with any other reports or returns required by federal, state, or local authorities and PCHOA.

9.2 Other Record Retention.

The Board shall establish and maintain a PCPB Club document retention system, including archives for minutes, policies of the Members and Board, financial and committee documentation. The document retention system shall have a retrieval system that allows access to both current and archived documents. All such records shall be retained for a minimum of seven (7) years.

Section 10   Parliamentary Authority.

“Roberts Rules of Order" shall be the authority on all questions of parliamentary law unless in conflict with the BYLAWS, or the PCHOA governing documents or the laws of the State of Arizona.

Section 11   Amendments.

11.1    These BYLAWS may be amended by a majority of Members voting by an electronic vote. Proposed BYLAWS amendments must be published to the Members at least two (2) weeks prior to the electronic vote. The proposal will include both current and proposed language.

Section 12   Dissolution.

12.1    In the event of the dissolution of the PCPB Club, the following actions will take place

12.1.1 Members will be notified of the dissolution at least two (2) weeks prior to the dissolution meeting and will be advised that they are liable for any outstanding PCPB Club debts per PCHOA rules.

12.1.2 If practical, all outstanding debts will be paid.

12.1.3 After debts are paid, any remaining monies received from the Members will be donated to the PCHOA and earmarked for the needs of the pickleball courts.

12.1.4 The PCPB Club will obtain approval for the dissolution from the PCHOA Board of Directors.




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