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Club Rating


Many members are content with their current club rating.


The club rating was and continues to be the basis for participation in various club activities. Players will find fair, friendly, “risk-free” competition. Events based on Club Rating generally offer a more relaxed environment with friends, as well as provide an opportunity to meet other members.


Club Ratings are used for:

  • Traditional round robin play

  • Tournaments

  • Skills and strategies sessions

  • Determining suitable drop-in court(s).



CRS Rating– (Computerized Rating System)


As players progress, and feel ready to take on the next level, we've introduced a CRS (Computerized Rating System) rating. This rating is dynamic, and changes after each game in CRS events. 


The Club's initial CRS event offering will be the “CRS ladder”. This event provides members the opportunity to establish and advance their CRS rating. This event is ideal for members early on their pickleball journey, and/or are on a ‘fast track’ to demonstrate their improving level of play.

The CRS ladder combines elements of an 8-10 person round robin format with that of a Ladder. Scores will be tracked and input into our computerized rating system, affectionately named KPR. This system will enable players to move both up and down the ladder based on their CRS rating. Each week, player flights will be organized according to their CRS rating, ensuring competitive matches.

The CRS ladder serves a dual purpose. Firstly, it caters to players who thrive on closely contested matches. Secondly, participants in the CRS ladder will gradually develop their own CRS rating. The dynamic CRS rating will drives the bi-monthly adjustments of players' Club Ratings. 


Once we have new courts, we can offer a variety of CRS events.  During the pilot, Kevin tried several formats our volunteers found appealing. We will add CRS events in response to member demand.  See How to Change your Club Rating section.

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