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PCPB Club By-Laws

Amended BYLAWS of the PebbleCreek Pickleball Club

December 2019

Section 1. Name.

The name of this organization is the PebbleCreek Pickleball Club, hereafter referred to as the PCPB Club.


Section 2.  Form of Organization, Purpose and Operation.

2.1  Organization. The PCPB Club is organized as a non-profit club governed by an Executive Committee, hereafter referred to as the PCPB Club Board.

2.2  Purpose. The purpose of the PCPB Club is to promote the sport of pickleball and provide a healthy, enjoyable recreational activity for PebbleCreek residents. Key elements are:

  • Assisting new players in learning the basics of pickleball

  • Increasing the skills of players

  • Encouraging participation of residents through communication and social events

2.3  Operation. The PCPB Club will conduct its business democratically and in accordance with the PebbleCreek Homeowner's Association (PCHOA) Rules.

2.4  USAPA Affiliation. PCPB Club is a USAPA (USA Pickleball Association) affiliated club and affiliated activities are performed with the guidelines of the USAPA. Generally affiliated activities guided by these considerations may consist of USAPA sanctioned tournaments and events and use of USAPA sanctioned equipment during organized play times.

2.5  Non-profit status. The PCPB Club will operate as a non-profit organization in accordance with Arizona statutes, the IRS code, and if applicable, the PCHOA by- laws.


Section 3.  Membership.

3.1  Eligibility. PCPB Club Membership is limited to PebbleCreek residents. No eligible person shall be denied membership because of race, color, religion, creed, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, sex or marital status.

3.2  Code of Conduct.

a)   All members of the PCPB Club are expected to follow the directions of the duly elected officers of the PCPB Club or their appointed representative{s) in an orderly manner at all functions of the PCPB Club.

b)   The officers of the PCPB Club have the right to deny a member's participation in a PCPB Club activity if they feel that the participation would adversely affect other members of the PCPB Club.

c)   The officers of the PCPB Club or their representative{s) may request that a member leave an activity if the participant{s) has on more than one occasion refused to follow directions or who is disruptive, disrespectful of the officers, their representative{s) or other members of the PCPB Club. The offender is subject to disciplinary action.

d)   Disciplinary Action:

i.  If the offending member{s) does not leave when requested, the PebbleCreek Patrol will be called.

ii. The PCPB Club Board may prohibit the member's participation in PCPB Club functions or meetings for 30 days.

iii. A second infraction may result in a hearing and expulsion from the PCPB Club with a unanimous vote of the PCPB Club's Board. At the hearing the offender may have a spokesperson who is a member in good standing.

iv. The offender may appeal to the PebbleCreek HOA Board. The PCHOA Board has the right not to hear the appeal.

3.3  Member Waiver Form. Each member must complete the Member Waiver form prescribed by the PCHOA from time to time. The completed forms will be kept in a file maintained by the Secretary of the PCPB Club.

3.4  Remuneration. No individual member may receive compensation for services rendered in support of the activities of the PCPB Club from non-members or outside sources without approval of the PCHOA Board of Directors.

Compensation includes merchandise, services, benefits or rebates from vendors providing services or merchandise to the PCPB Club that are not provided to every member. With the approval of the PCPB Club Board, reimbursement of actual expenses or reasonable compensation to members of the PCPB Club from PCPB Club funds for services rendered to the members of the PCPB Club may be permitted. Additionally, with the approval of the PCPB Club Board, discounts to members for merchandise or services that are provided equally to all members or all participants in a particular activity sponsored by the PCPB Club may be permitted.

3.5  Guests.

a)  A registered guest shall be defined as a person who has fulfilled the requirements of the PCHOA for a valid guest card.

b)  A participant in the Preferred Guest Program sponsored by Robson Resorts or a registered guest, shall be allowed to participate in PCPB Club Open Play activities. Preferred Guest Program guests are not required to be accompanied by a PCPB Club member.

3.6  Member Communications.

a)  Communication to PCPB Club members may be via electronic form, including, but not limited to correspondence, voting (including future changes to bylaws), information, surveys and any other necessary items as deemed by the PCPB Club Board.


Section 4. Officers and Executive Committee.

4.1   Officers- The Officers of this organization are a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Officer At Large. They will be elected for a term of one year and will serve until their successors are elected and qualify.

4.2   Executive Committee. The organization's affairs will be managed by an Executive Committee, referred to as the PCPB Club Board, composed of the officers. The immediate Past President may serve on the PCPB Club Board in a one- year, non-voting capacity.

4.3  Removal of an Officer. Any member may propose the removal of an officer. If 10 percent or more of the other PCPB Club members concur in the proposal, a meeting of the members will be noticed and held. At the meeting, the reasons for the removal will be presented and the officer in question will be given an opportunity to be heard. At the conclusion of the hearing portion of the meeting, the proposal will be put to a vote. Removal of an officer requires the vote of a simple majority of those present.

 4.4  Vacancy. If an officer's position becomes vacant, a PCPB Club member shall be appointed by the PCPB Club Board to fill the unexpired term. In the event the President position becomes vacant, the Vice President will assume the position of President automatically. 


Section 5. Duties of the Officers.

5.1  President:

  1. Preside over meetings, assure the PCPB Club remains in compliance with PCHOA Rules applicable to it.

  2. Prepare and file with the PCHOA Rules Compliance Committee (RCC) the annual submission required under the PCHOA Rules.

  3. Prepare and file any notices that the PCHOA Rules require the PCPB Club to file with the RCC or other PCHOA Committees.

  4. Make the annual financial report available to the members.

  5. Oversee the activities of the other officers.

  6. Call meetings when deemed appropriate.

  7. Seek ways to improve the organization consistent with the wishes of its members.

  8. Conduct correspondence relating to PCPB Club business.

  9. May be authorized to sign checks drawn on the PCPB Club bank account, if the Treasurer and President deem necessary.

  10. Appoint committee chairpersons with PCPB Club Board approval.

5.2  Vice President:

  1. Perform duties of the President in the President's absence.

  2. May be authorized to sign checks drawn on the PCPB Club bank account, if the Treasurer and President deem necessary.

  3. Perform other duties as requested by the President.

 5.3  Secretary:

  1. Maintain a current roster of the members along with the signed Member Waiver for each member.

  2. Issue notices of meetings of the Board or general meetings.

  3. Keep minutes of all meetings.

  4. Conduct correspondence relating to PCPB Club business.

  5. May be authorized to sign checks drawn on the PCPB Club bank account, if the Treasurer and President deem necessary.

  6. Maintain other records as required by the Board. 5.4

5.4 Treasurer:

  1. Maintain the financial records of the PCPB Club.

  2. Prepare an annual Financial Report as required by the PCHOA rules, and any other reports as may be required by the Board.

  3. Deposit all funds received by the PCPB Club.

  4. Pay all outstanding bills.

  5. Work closely with pickleball name tag chairperson.

  6. Authorized to sign checks drawn on the PCPB Club bank account

5.4  Officer At Large:

  1. Perform such duties as requested by the President.

  2. May be authorized to sign checks drawn on the PCPB Club bank account, if the Treasurer and President deem necessary.

  3.  Act as Director of Socials.

Section 6. Nominations and Elections.

6.1  Elections. PCPB Club Officers will be elected annually by the membership. Election will be by majority of the PCPB Club members who vote,

6.2  Nominations. The PCPB Club Board will appoint a Nomination Committee which shall administer the election. The Nomination Committee will solicit from the PCPB Club members a slate of potential officers for the election. The slate of candidates proposed by the Nomination Committee shall be posted at least one month prior to the election. Postings will be on the PCPB Club website and on the PCPB Club bulletin boards.

6.3  Commencement of Term. Newly elected PCPB Club Board officers will begin their term on the first day of May. The term will run for one year ending April 30th.

6.4   Successive Terms. All officers who are PCPB Club members in good standing will be eligible for re-election.


Section 7. Meetings.

7.1 Annual Meeting. An annual meeting of the PCPB Club membership will be held each year in November. At a minimum, financials for the current year and a budget for the next year will be presented. Dues for the following year will be discussed and approved. An agenda will be posted at least one week prior to the meeting.

7.2  Other Meetings. PCPB Club Membership and Board meetings will be held at times and places determined by the President. At least two weeks' notice will be given for a general membership meeting. At least one week's notice will be given for a Board meeting unless all officers agree to waive the notice of requirement.

7.3  Quorum. The actual number of members attending a membership meeting will constitute a quorum. Three officers will constitute a quorum for a meeting of the PCPB Club Board. Unless otherwise specified in these bylaws, all decisions will be made by a simple majority vote. 


Section 8. Committees.

8.1  Formation. All committees, including both standing ad hoc, and single purpose committees, and the chairpersons thereof, shall be appointed by the  President, with PCPB Club Board approval. In both cases, standing committees can be established or modified only with PCPB Club Board approval.

8.2  Procedures. Each committee shall maintain an up-to-date procedure book which shall describe the duties of the chair and the committee. 


Section 9. Dues, Fees and Authority for Expenditures.

9.1  Dues. Membership dues will be established at the annual membership meeting in November for the following year. Dues for members who joined prior to January 1, 2020 are payable January 1 of each year. Dues for members joining after January 1, 2020 will be payable each year thereafter on the anniversary date of joining the PCPB Club. All dues will be considered delinquent if not paid within 1 month of the due date.

9.2  Fees. Fees for activities, including instructor fees must be approved by the PCPB Club Board and must follow the Rules Section 10 5.

9.3  Authority for Expenditures.

a)   PCPB Club President/Treasurer - $500.00 for an emergency or other necessary immediate expenditure

b)   PCPB Club Executive Committee - $2,500.00

c)   PCPB Club Membership - a membership vote is required for expenditures over $2,500.00.


Section 10. Parliamentary Authority.

Roberts Rules of Order" shall be the authority on all questions of parliamentary law unless in conflict with the Bylaws, or the Association governing documents or the laws of the State of Arizona. 


Section 11. Amendments.

11.1  These Bylaws may be amended at a general membership meeting by a majority of PCPB Club members in attendance, or by an electronic vote sent via email to all paid PCPB Club members. Bylaw amendments must be posted at least two weeks prior to the general membership meeting and/or electronic vote.


Section 12. Dissolution.

In the event of the dissolution of the PCPB Club, the following actions will take place

a)  All PCPB Club members will be notified of the dissolution at least 2 weeks prior to the meeting and advised that they are liable for any outstanding debts.

b)  All outstanding debts will be paid.

c)  After debts are paid, any monies received from PCPB Club members that can be equitably returned to the members may be returned to them if the PCPB Club elects. Monies not so returned, and any other monies held by the PCPB Club will be donated to a charitable organization or the PCHOA

d)  The PCPB Club will obtain approval for the dissolution from the PCHOA Board of Directors.

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