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Court Schedule

Intro to Pickleball Training – Saturday 9:30 am

All pickleball newcomers should start with the Intro to Pickleball class where the basics of pickleball play will be presented. Club members can then progress through the new player development program as they choose.

The course includes an important informational session and orientation to the Club and the pickleball facility.


PebbleCreek Pickleball Club members will receive a 2.0 rating after attending this introductory course.


Non-Club members are welcome to attend but must be a member to participate in any Club event at the 2.0 level and above.

Create an account and ​sign-up now on Court Reserve!

2.0 Skills with Coaching - Thursday at 4:30 pm

This is step #3 in the new player development program:

  • This skills session is for those members who have completed the Intro to Pickleball and have received a 2.0 rating (or have instructor approval) by successful advancement from the 1.0 level.

  • The focus will be more in-depth on the basic skills by doing instructional drills with other 2.0 players.

  • Additional instruction on game play, rules and strategy will be covered in this session.

  • An instructor will be present to coach you.


2.0 Play with Coaching - Sunday 1:00 pm

This time is for game play with coaching. In this session, players will use the skills they have practiced, work on court positioning, and scoring with the help of a coach.


Please sign up on Court Reserve for either of these sessions.  If you have a concern or question please contact Beth Kelly @ 970-218-9470.

Focused Skill Training – Sunday 2:45 am

  • Skills and Strategies will be doing a “deep dive” into various aspects of the game. We will alternate weeks between 2.5 & 3.0 and 3.5 and above. Players must sign up with a partner. Drilling with a partner of similar skill will make the drills more enjoyable and productive.   

Future training will include: Strategy Classes, Train the Trainers, Referee Training, and finally Practice and Drilling Sessions.  

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