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Appeal of Initial Player Rating For CRS: (Ends 10/15/2023)


NOTE:  The appeals process will end 10/15/2023.   If you believe you currently belong in a higher club rating complete this Player Appeal Form before 10/15/2023, even if you won’t return to PebbleCreek for months. 


In recognition of the potential for certain players' ratings to inaccurately represent their current playing level, the board acknowledges the influence of the following factors:

  1. Errors that occurred during the transition to the color rating system.

  2. Ongoing improvements demonstrated by numerous members.

  3. The decision of some members not to undergo the observation/evaluation process.


For existing members who suspect errors in their ratings, the board is offering a one-time chance to appeal and correct the situation. This appeal process pertains specifically to the initial ratings given to players engaged in CRS events. To raise your club rating, a player must finish 15 games and attain a CRS rating exceeding the minimum threshold of the next level (30 games if you are desiring to move to 4.0 or higher). This appeal process aims to aid in achieving that objective. Nevertheless, if, at the conclusion of the rating period, a player's CRS rating remains below the minimum threshold for the new level, their club rating will not be elevated.


To avail yourself of this appeal opportunity, simply complete the Player Appeal webform.


Each appeal will be thoroughly reviewed by the rating panel, which will then determine the most appropriate course of action. Potential outcomes include:


  • Approval of the appeal: The CRS starting point will be adjusted upwards by .25 beyond the mid-point of the player's current level.

  • Rejection of the appeal: The CRS starting point will remain aligned with the mid-point of the player's current level.


While the board generally acknowledges that most instances of misplacement involve a deviation of approximately .25, the rating panel will assess unique situations where a member seeks an adjustment of .50 or greater and may determine separate course of action.


161 player volunteers participated in the pilot, around 10% of our active members with a current club rating. Of those, 85% of participants saw their computerized rating (KPR) remain within .25 of their initial rating - essentially no change. This demonstrates the rating changes made last year via observation were reasonably accurate, despite the angst it caused during round robins.


Of the remaining 15%, half went up by .25 or more, and the other half went down by .25 or more. Two players saw their KPR increase more than .50, while playing in over 30 games in the pilot.

Rating Panel Members

John Pihl -

Kevin Hillstrom -

Val Braden -

Sharon Hadley -

Jeff Gauvin -

Bob Chester -

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