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Tom Skinner



Women’s Ladder
Theresa Carter

PebbleCreek Ladder Play

All Club Members are welcome to join the men’s or women’s ladder play. Ladders is a great way to meet new players and improve your play. It’s also a good way for players who are  interested in tournament play to practice.  Sign up for Ladders is done on our Court Reserve booking system!

To view the Men’s and Women’s WEEKLY Ladder Schedules and Results, please click on the buttons to the left.  Here is where you will find the information for your ladder play with the latest information shown.  This is also where you will find any last minute changes.  Emails will no longer be sent out to individual players as was previously done so it will be the player’s responsibility to know their time and court assignment each week.

Theresa Carter – 206-261-3895
Joanne Burch – 805-218-8841
Lindsay Laven – 415-602-2727

Tom Skinner – 303-210-2922

Women’s Ladder play begins on Thursday morning, November 5, 2020
Men’s Ladder play begins on Friday, November 6, 2020

“Have fun and fight for every point.”
~Naomi Osaka, Open Women’s Tennis Champion

That’s the concept of Ladder play.

Ladder Information, Rules, and Procedures

Ladder season:
Early November to early April. Start times are 9:30, 10:40 or 11:50 a.m.

Sign-up Deadline:
The Ladder sign-ups for the next week normally open after the current week’s play: Thursday for women, Friday for men. You must sign up for Ladies’ Ladder by noon Tuesday and for Men’s Ladder by noon Wednesday. Sign up is done on the Court Reserve site.

Schedules Posted on Website:
The Ladder Schedules are posted on the club website no later than noon the day before matches are played. You can see start times, who is in your group, and court #.

Who Plays Whom:
Participating players are placed into Groups of four or five according to ranking. The four top ranked players who sign up for the week are in Group 1; the next four are in Group 2, and so on.

Match Format:
Each Group plays three games to 15 points, win by 1 point. You play one game partnered with each of the three other players in your group. You do NOT need to win by two points so the maximum score in any one game is 15 points. Groups of five play four games to 11 points, win by 1 point.

Match Outcomes:
Match outcomes are determined solely by each player’s total number of points scored in all his/her games. Players finish either first, second, third, or fourth (or fifth with groups of 5) based on their point total. A perfect score is 45 (44 with five players). In case of a tie, the higher ranked player wins out. The logic for this is that you must defeat higher ranked players to move ahead of them, not just tie them.

Time Requests:
Time requests can be made to Ladder Captains for legitimate reasons such as doctor’s appointments or work schedules. Request for ladder play times for personal preference will not be accommodated.

First Serve:
The North team always serves first.

Switching Sides:
Teams switch sides EVERY GAME after one team reaches eight points (or 6 points if playing to 11).

Determining Partners and Sides:
A random method determines who partners with whom first and which team serves first.

Bad Weather:
Due to the possibility of injury, ladder play will be cancelled when the courts are wet. Wind will generally not result in cancellation of play. If you are uncertain whether matches will be played, you may either contact the Ladder Captain or just show up and see for yourself.

If you are scheduled to play and a last-minute emergency or injury will keep you from participating, please notify the Ladder Captain IMMEDIATELY by text. The Ladder Captain will try to recruit a substitute.

No Shows:
If you have signed up, SHOW UP! If you do not show up and have not notified the ladder captain ahead of time, you will be treated as if you came in last in your scheduled group. The new rankings will reflect that result. Any player who is a “no show” two times in the season will be removed from the Ladder for the remainder of the season.

An inactive player is one who did not sign up and is not playing that week. An active player  will move above an inactive player in re-ranking.

Injuries or Out of Town:
If a player will miss 2 or more weeks, the player may be frozen by informing the ladder captain. He or she will be removed from the ladder, and upon return, will assume a spot as close as possible to his or her previous ranking.

Each player has a “rank” which is his or her position relative to all other players participating in the Ladder. There are no ties. If a player has a rank of #5, it means four players are ranked higher and all the rest are ranked lower.

New participants will start their ladder position as follows;

At the beginning and during the ladder season, the ladder captain will place all new and former players on the ladder in the position that the ladder captain believes will allow all players to have the most fair play based on USA Pickleball UPTR ratings, Club Event play, and Pebblecreek Pickleball Club Rating. If a player is clearly in the wrong position, captains have the right to move them to a more appropriate position.

Moving Up & Down In Rank:
Players are re-ranked each week according to match outcomes using these rules:

Rule 1: If you outscore a higher ranked player in a Ladder Match, you move ahead of that player in rank.

Rule 2: If you finish first in your Group, you move ahead of the player finishing last in the Group just above your Group.

Rule 3: The #1 ranked player must play or be bumped to #2. The winner of Group 1 will be the new #1 ranked player.

Rule 4: Any player who is a “No Show” will be recorded as finishing last in his/her group.

Rule 5:  No inactive player can move above an active player.

Explanation of Rule 5:  When active players lose and go down in rank, inactive players below them get pushed down as well.  This rule deliberately encourages participation and penalizes inactivity.  ACTIVE players are assured that no INACTIVE player can move from below them to above them in rank regardless of what they do.  At the same time, INACTIVE players must realize there is nowhere to go but down.    Notice how the three inactive players in the example below all fall between one and four spots in rank.

Example of Ranking Procedures:

Rank     Player          Result         New Rank                          Explanation 

Group 1

1          Jim               Inactive              2                      #1 Ranked player must play or be dropped to #2

2          Bob                2nd                  3                         Falls below Rod and stays below Jim

3          Rod                1st                   1                          Group 1 winner moves to #1

4          Dan                4th                   6                           Falls below Tom and also Group 2 winner Lee

5           Pat                Inactive            7                          Must drop two spots to stay below Dan

6           Tom               3rd                   4                          Moves above 4th place finisher Dan

Group 2

7           Jon                4th                11                          Drops below Group 3 winner

8           Cal              Inactive           12                          Must drop four spots to stay below Jon

9           Sam              3rd                 9                     Two players move ahead of Sam, but two fall below

10         Lee                1st                 5                       Moves ahead of 4th place finisher Dan in Group 1

11         Wes              2nd                 8                          Moves ahead of 3rd place finisher Sam

Group 3

12        Dixie                1st                10                Group 3 winner moves ahead of 4th place in Group 2