Learn the Basics &
Develop Skills

Novice Instruction

  • All pickleball newcomers should start with the novice instruction, where the basics of pickleball play will be presented. Club members can then progress through the new player development program as they choose.
  • The course includes an important informational session and orientation to the Club and the pickleball facility.
  • PebbleCreek Pickleball Club members will receive a 2.0 rating after attending this introductory course.
  • Non-Club members are welcome to attend, but must be a member to participate in any Club event at the 2.0 level and above.
  • If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact Bill Arsenault (Director, New Player Development) at bill.arsenault55@gmail.com or (530) 339-8423.

Sign-up on the clipboard located in the green box just outside of court #5

(There are no online sign-ups)

Mixed 2.0 Round Robin with Coaching

This is step #2 in the new player development program:

  • Club members who have attended the Novice Instructional class and have a 2.o rating (or have instructor approval) are welcome to attend this event.
  • Here you will have the opportunity to play with other 2.0 rated players.
  • Additional instruction on game play, skills, and strategy will be the focus of the session.
  • An instructor will be present to coach you.

Mixed 2.5 Round Robin with Coaching

This is step #3 in the new player development program:

  • Once per month, the 2.5 Mixed RR includes instructor coaching.
  • Emphasis is on improving skills and strategy with drills.
  • Play is monitored with the goal of preparing to advance to a 3.0 rating.
  • Instructors will be present to coach the skills and monitor play.

Skills and Drills

The PebbleCreek Pickleball Club promotes growth of our players by offering different levels of skills and drills throughout the winter months. These sessions are free to our paid members. To advance skill development for those members at a 2.5  and above level, members are offered skills and drills at each level. Members of the Club provide all instruction for our players. These  Skills and Drills sessions, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, and 4.0, will be offered on a rotating weekly basis.

Coaches List

Coaching (for Courts)

WHAT:  A new fundraising initiative to help our Club raise funds toward our commitment to amenities for the 16 new courts at Sunset Park.

WHO:  Any Club member who wishes to take their game to a new level can book a coach of their choosing.  Participants for each session may consist of 2-4 players.  Singles signing up will be placed into a group that is compatible with the goals they ae seeking and at their level. Many of the Club’s top coaches have volunteered their coaching time towards this project. In addition to having previous coaching experience, all coaches have at least a 4.0 Club rating.

WHEN:  Day and time will be mutually agreed upon by the participant(s) and their coach. Bookings must be made at least 8 days in advance (the earlier, the better as this will fill up quickly).

COST:  Coaching sessions are FREE … BUT, if you feel you gain value from your session, a monetary donation (of your choice) to the Club for the new courts would be greatly appreciated. Donations can be made several ways:

  1. Cash (in an envelope with your name included), placed in the lockbox in the Ice Room located at the Ramada.
  2. Personal check made out to PCPB Club, placed in the lockbox in the Ice Room located at the Ramada


STEP 1: Line up your group (1-4 players).

STEP 2: Have the following information available prior to contacting our coaching coordinator:

  1. Two to three dates your group is available.
  2. Current Club rating(s).
  3. What you hope to accomplish with your coach (i.e., skills, strategy, etc.).

STEP 3: Email our coaching coordinator (listed below) with the necessary information. If you have a coaching preference, please let her know that as well. She will then contact the coach and see when he/she is available.

STEP 4: The coordinator will determine a mutually convenient time to hold your session.

STEP 5: The coordinator will book the court and confirm your session.

Click on the link above to see our list of coaches and their area of expertise.

Book your session now!!

Contact Reese Hass, coaching coordinator, at reesehass@gmail.com