Player Events

Something for Everyone!

Level Individual Play (L.I.P.)

For the summer, a new program was designed called Level Individual Play (L.I.P.).  Members may sign up at their rating level (2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, and 4.5+) throughout the week. Members will sign up on Court Reserve to participate in the LIP. LIP courts will accommodate men’s, women’s, and mixed level play.  Players are pre-assigned to a court with players at the same level for a maximum of 6 players per court.  Once players are assigned to a court, ALL players will remain on that assigned court and rotate with the other players assigned to the same court.  Players rotate amongst the assigned group players so that 1 or 2 players sit out each game (play to 11 points, win by 1). Club events encourage playing with different players; however, we don’t want players switching from their assigned courts.  Sign ups on Court Reserve open one (1) week prior to the event so we encourage players to sign up on a wait list if all available spots are taken.  This way, CAC (Court Allocation Committee) will know whether to add additional courts or not (each level will be limited to 6 courts).  Any court that is not being used for LIP will be released for individual reservations.

Round Robin Play

Round Robin play is for members at a specific level to sign-up and play (gender specific and/or mixed doubles).  When players arrive 10-15 minutes prior to the event start time, they sign in and receive a player number.  A round robin bracket sheet will indicate the court that player number will play on for one game (play to 11, win by 1).  After each game, players check the round robin bracket for the location of the next game.  Sign ups on Court Reserve open one (1) week prior to the event so we encourage players to sign up on a wait list if all available spots are taken. Any court that is not being used for Round Robins will revert to individual reservations.

Ladder Play

During the winter months there is both men and women’s ladder play.  Ladder is a more competitive level of play where players report their scores and can move higher or lower on the ladder competition.  Each week players are placed in groups of 4 to play one game to 15 with each of the other 3 players.  In general, the player with the most points will move up to the group above and the player with the least amount of points will move down to the group below.  More information can be found on the homepage by clicking on the Ladder information.

Open Play

Open Play allows players, as individuals, pairs, or groups, to play without needing a reservation.  Players place their paddle(s) in the box and when a court opens, the first group of 4 players play one game (play to 11, win by 1).  After one game, all players move off the court and place their paddles back at the end of the line in the box.  This system works well as there are always 8-16 courts rotating through players. If an individual places their paddle in the box, then 3 other paddles need to join the individual paddle before they can take an open court.  There are also rating markers if a player wishes to indicate what level of players they wish to play with. Please respect the level markers (i.e., if there is a 4.0 indicator, that person(s) is wanting to play with 4.0 or higher players).  If a group of 4 players want to play together, they place all 4 paddles in the box together. For more information, please see Open Play Etiquette.

Open Play Etiquette