There is currently a lot of discussion surrounding Level Individual Play (LIP) and Open Play. CAC (Court a

Allocation Committee) would like to provide some information regarding the purpose of LIP, use of courts, and other Club events.

Pebble Creek Pickleball Club’s first responsibility is to all its members. One way the Club does this is by providing Club events such as the current LIP, Open Play, and in the Fall, men’s and women’s Ladders.

It is no secret that we do not have sufficient courts to allow all members to play when and as often as they would like. The Club tries to balance all members’ needs by offering a combination of Club events and individual reservations.

This Summer, Level Individual Play (LIP) replaced round robins due to COVID. LIP offers the ability of every member to play at least twice a week (one gender and one mixed at each level). When you are new to PebbleCreek and/or pickleball, LIP is an opportunity to meet people of the same skill level. Each LIP event allows up to 30 fellow Club members to play in the morning when the temperatures are reasonable.  LIP is a great alternative for the many players who like to play in the Club events, like to play with a variety of players, or who don’t have the luck to reserve courts daily. To keep courts available for individual reservations, LIP guidelines state that each LIP will use no more than 6 courts. To put in perspective, using only the most popular time of the upcoming 7:45 a.m. time slot, LIP uses 36 % of the courts and individual reservations use the other 64%.   For the upcoming 9:30 a.m. time slot, LIP will use 7% of the courts and individual reservations will have 93% of court availability.

Regarding Open Play, our “normal” Open Play was cancelled by the HOA and has not been approved to return in its previous form. However, the HOA did allow the Club to look at alternatives to Open Play which did not involve players congregating around the paddle boxes.  CAC looked at what other Clubs do and the pilot program, beginning Sunday, October 4, at 6:00 a.m,. is an option.  At 6:00 a.m. in the morning, we don’t expect a massive crowd to gather, but it will allow the CAC to look at possible flaws.  If we can work through this new pilot, we may be able to convince the HOA to allow us to expand Open Play to other times.

When the CAC meets to look at the Winter Schedule, we will discuss the number of courts allocated to Club events and discuss the many questions brought up by Club members such as a limiting the number of courts one person can reserve during a one-week period.  If you have suggestions that may benefit the Club, please feel free to contact Nancy Popenhagen, CAC chairperson, directly.