Tony Wells

Ratings Chair – Men’s


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Maggie Charlton

Ratings Chair – Women’s


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Renee deLassus

Renee deLassus

Acting Ratings Chair – Women’s


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Bill Arsenault
Director, New Player Development
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Player Ratings Policies and Procedures


Ratings operating discipline is designed to:

— Foster competitive, enjoyable play;
— Enable club members to strengthen playing skills; and
— Provide a forum for experience sharing and learning.


Skill Criteria are outlined for each level and can be referenced below. These criteria outline the expectations at each player level.

Player ratings may be moved up OR down at the discretion of the Ratings Chairs. They are available to discuss any Club member’s play  if aspiring to a higher rating.

NOTE: A player may bypass the Club rating process if he or she has a current UTPR rating in their gender that is above the Club rating for which the player is applying. For example, someone with a UTPR rating of 3.5 may receive a Club 3.5 rating upon request to the Rating Chair.

Rating Movement

2.0 – 2.5

This rating movement is designated at the discretion of the Novice Instructors.

2.5  -3.0 / 3.0 – 3.5 / 3.5 – 4.0

  1. A player must formally request, via e-mail, application to have his/her rating reviewed. Players are accountable for managing their own level of progression based on their objectives and motivation.
  2. The applicant is expected to have studied and understood the skill expectations outlined at the designated level.
  3. Ratings Assessors will evaluate applicants in the following playing scenarios:
    a. Hitting/drilling sessions;
    b. Round Robin and Ladder Play observation; and
    c. Club and USA Pickleball tournament records and UTPR ratings established through competitive tournament play.

If a candidate is accepted to a formal ratings session, he/she must demonstrate the appropriate skills for the new level during play with three (3) established control players (chosen from the target skill level by the raters).
Two Ratings Assessors will observe the candidate during competitive game play. The Ratings Assessors must agree and have a clear consensus that the candidate is qualified to move to the desired level based on observation and on scenarios a, b, and c above.

With the criteria collectively considered, the Ratings Chairs will make a judgment on player rating adjustment. If the upward movement is declined, the applicant will receive the rationale for the decision in writing. The Ratings Assessors and Committee Chairs are also available for personal conversations to discuss the decision and justification if applicants are interested in such a conversation.

4.0 – 4.5 / 4.5 – 5.0. These ratings are more closely tied to USA Pickleball Ratings

  1. At this advanced level of play, movement to a 4.5 or 5.0 rating level can be achieved through USA Pickleball’s sanctioned tournament play and a validated UTPR rating.
  2. Club tournaments and ladder play MAY be looked at, depending upon quality of competition in the player’s category.

Downward Ratings Movement

  1. To maintain fairness and balance in equitable play, there must be a mechanism for also adjusting player ratings downward, when justified.
  2. For a variety of reasons including age, injury, or play absence, player ratings may need to be adjusted downward.
  3. Players can self initiate a downward movement by applying to the Ratings Chairs outlining the circumstances justifying the adjustment.

Finally, critical to this process is the perception by Club members that the ratings procedures and judgments are fair, equitable and balanced. Preferential treatment, special accommodations, or exceptions outside the Policies and Procedures will undermine the credibility, integrity and respect for PebbleCreek’s Pickleball Club reputation.

Player Development Critical to Player Ratings

  1. Coach or mentor is chosen or assigned.
  2. Skill assessment.
  3. Improvement of Targets to Objectives.
  4. Drilling sessions to hone skills.
  5. Opportunity to play at Target level.
PCPB Club Ratings Criteria