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WHAT:  A fundraising initiative to help our Club raise funds toward our commitment to amenities for the 16 new courts at Sunset Park.

WHO:  Any Club member who wishes to take their game to a new level can book a coach of their choosing. Participants for each session may consist of 2-4 players. Many of the Club’s top coaches have volunteered their coaching time towards this project. In addition to having previous coaching experience, all coaches have at least a 4.0 Club rating.

WHEN:  Day and time will be mutually agreed upon by the participant(s) and their coach. Bookings must be made at least eight days in advance (the earlier, the better as this will fill up quickly).

COST:  Coaching sessions are FREE … BUT, if you feel you gain value from your session, a monetary donation (of your choice) to the Club for the new courts would be greatly appreciated. Donations can be made several ways:

  1. Cash (in an envelope with your name included), placed in the lockbox in the Ice Room located at the Ramada.

  2. Personal check made out to PCPB Club, placed in the lockbox in the Ice Room located at the Ramada



Step 1: Line up your group (2-4 players).

Step 2: Log into CourtReserve, select Coaching for Coarts from the upper left toolbar, 

  • Choose from the List of Coaches and a future date/time at least seven days ahead.

  • Select the additional club members for your session.

  • Click save and a message will be sent to you, the additional members, and the coach.  Let your coach know what you want to work on.

Step 3:  Meet your coach at Court 17 for your lesson.  Learn new skills and have a great time!


Change happens! If your plans change, please let your coach know more than 24 hours in advance using the same steps in CourtReserve.  This will free up their schedule and the court’s availability.

Book your session now!

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