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Something for Everyone!

PebbleCreek offers several options for players

throughout the day. Our courts are utilized through

Open Play, Drop-In, Club Events, Player

Development Socials and Tournaments. 

We only provide reserved courts for club sponsored

and events. Our open play and drop-in system

offers the most equitable use of our courts for all

players. When the courts are all busy, singles play

is not allowed.  We also require all courts to be in

use before players can ask others to forfeit their courts. Below is a brief description of the events followed by the general guidelines for each.

  • Open Play: is for any group of four to meet at a prearranged time and rotate as a group on and off the courts with other groups of four players.  LEARN MORE

  • Drop-In:  is for individuals or groups of less than four to drop-in any time during the drop-in time periods.  Players play on the court representing the most appropriate level according to their rating/ability.  Players place their paddle in the box on the outside of the court and then rotate in playing with the random group of four paddles. LEARN MORE

  • Club Events:  The Club offers weekly organized play opportunities.

    • Round Robins (men, women and mixed) for all levels of play.  LEARN MORE

    • CRS Ladder for men and women.  LEARN MORE

  • Player Development:  The Club offers a variety of skills and strategy sessions from beginners to advanced.  Additionally, to ensure players can practice skills, dedicated times have been established specifically for practice/drilling/ball machine usage. LEARN MORE

  • Socials: The Club conducts socials throughout the year; some are charity fundraisers benefiting local organizations.  LEARN MORE

  • Tournaments:  The club current holds a fall tournament, the club championship and a USAP sanctioned outside tournament. LEARN MORE

To learn more about each of the above offerings click on LEARN MORE .

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