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There are many ways to participate in pickleball tournaments. Our PCPB Club offers several different opportunities for our members to participate at their Club rating level. These tournaments include our annual Club Championship, Final Four, and a Club sponsored USA Pickleball (formerly USAPA) Tournament. Each event offers Men’s, Women’s, and Mixed divisions by rating.

In addition, USA Pickleball and SSIPA (Super Senior International Pickleball Association) tournaments can be viewed via the links below. You must pay an annual membership fee to these organizations to be eligible to play in these tournaments.

Upcoming PebbleCreek Pickleball Tournaments

November 10:  Mixed Final 4

January 13:  Women’s Final 4

January 14:  Men’s Final 4

February 9, 10, 11:  6th Annual PebbleCreek Tournament (USA Pickleball sanctioned)

March 10, 11, 13:  Club Championships

Pickleball "Beyond the Creek"


Have you ever been interested in playing Pickleball Tournaments outside of Pebble Creek but you aren’t sure how to go about it?  Here is some helpful information about outside tournaments:


  • The main tournament website is:  Under ’Tournaments’, you can search “Future Tournaments” sort by state/other categories and register.

  • Tournament event ratings are a “range", so even though you may sign up for a '3.0 event', it’s really 3.0-3.499.  For example, if you are a new 3.5 you will have more success in a 3.0 event than a 3.5 event because the 3.5 event range is really 3.5-3.999.  Remember, better players in any rating are the ones who usually play in tournaments, so the competition is more challenging than our normal day to day club rating play in Pebble Creek.

  • You don't have to have a predetermined partner to play in an outside tournament!  You can register as an individual for mixed or doubles and the tournament website will have a ‘Players Needing Partners’ section.  You can select someone, contact and partner up with them. Remember pickleball players are friendly and you’ll have fun!

  • You may be surprised to know we have a very active group here who play in outside tournaments!  If you are wondering who is currently playing in which outside tournaments and what their ratings/age range are, see the PCPB 2021 Traveling Tournament Members Roster and the PCPB Members Playing in Upcoming Tournaments.

  • It's fun!  Tournaments are a great way to reduce performance anxiety, see different kinds of play, meet new people and bond with/cheer for fellow PCPB members in the tournament.

Any questions or spreadsheet changes/updates (including adding your 4 digit UTPR if you want) can be sent to:

Results From the Celebrity Tanning Open in Mesa
Kevin Hillstrom
PebbleCreek Pickleball Club

More than a dozen Pebble Creek Pickleball Club members made the fifty-minute drive across the urban desert to Mesa to play in the Celebrity Tanning Open. This National Pickleball sanctioned event attracted approximately five-hundred souls for three days of exciting competition, and I am happy to report that many Creekers came away with hardware!

Women’s 3.5 60+ was a particularly fertile field to harvest a medal from. Linda Tompkins and her friend Debbie Ginsberg took home gold medals, defeating fellow Creekers Chris Stelplugh and Ellen Enright in the gold medal match! Tournament organizers briefly considered allowing only Pebble Creek residents to win medals, but upon further discussion, allowed bronze to be awarded to players outside our community. Chris and Ellen played very well in their epic six-hour silver medal run. This reporter notes that Linda is still smiling from her win, though others suggest she is always smiling regardless.

The super-duo of Renee DeLassus and Andrea Dilger took home gold in 4.5 60+. Both players have a very polished and coordinated style of play, which helped them earn a title. Both are also kind, frequently offering tournament advice and playing tips. I now double-wrap the handle of my paddle as a result of their help. 

Steve Manns and Jo Comstock earned a gold medal in Mixed 4.5 50+!! We watched in awe as Jo fended off an onslaught of balls, as is typically the case in mixed competition. Steve’s steady play and Jo’s tenacity were thrilling to witness. 

Meanwhile, Steven Shaefer and Renee DeLassus battled for about five hours in Mixed 4.0 50+, taking home a bronze medal. They are a great team, balancing the fine line between intense competition with a skyward gaze when unique airplanes fly overhead. 


In Men’s competition, Steve Manns and Steven Shaefer took home a silver medal in the 4.5 50+ bracket. One of the advantages of playing in outside tournaments is that you get to see numerous styles of play, helping your game evolve. Steve and Steven certainly got their share of diversified playing styles in this tournament. 

Creekers Bob Weldon and Jeff Tompkins earned a silver medal in Mens 4.5 60+, losing a heartbreaking 16-14 outcome in their final  game. Both players can hold their heads high, given how tough the competition was. 

Your intrepid reporter notes that Tori and I failed to win a medal in Mesa, though we battled hard. Tori and Lynn Manns gave a solid effort against quality competition. Jeff Antrican and I earned a losers bracket victory by retirement, a win which I will forever cherish. And I will always enjoy the memory of Tori and I fending off six (6) match points before eventually winning a game 12-10.

Outside tournaments are a great way to enjoy the company of other Creekers (including many who drove fifty minutes to watch the matches), to meet new friends in your rating/age bracket (though I’ll always resent “Smitty” for knocking Jeff and I out of both the winners and losers bracket), and to enjoy the “two pork slider and chips” special for $8 for pickleball players. Win or lose, you’ll get a lot out of the experience. I’m proud of all of the Creekers who participated in Mesa. Consider playing in one of dozens of tournaments this Fall/Winter in and around Maricopa County. Visit for more details.

“NP Celebrity Tanning Open" Results

Mesa May 14-16, 2021



  • Linda Tompkins & Debbie Ginsberg (MI), Women’s 3.5 60+

  • Renee DeLassus & Andrea Dilger, Women’s 4.5 50+

  • Steve Manns & Jo Comstock, Mixed 4.5 50+



  • Chris Stelplugh & Ellen Enright, Women’s 3.5 60+

  • Steve Manns & Steven Schaefer, Men’s 4.5 50+

  • Bob Weldon & Jeff Tompkins, Men’s 4.5, 60+



  • Steven Schaefer & Renee DeLassus, Mixed 4.0 50+