There are many ways to participate in pickleball tournaments. Our PCPB Club offers several different opportunities for our members to participate at their Club rating level. These tournaments include our annual Club Championship, Final Four, and a Club sponsored USA Pickleball (formerly USAPA) Tournament. Each event offers Men’s, Women’s, and Mixed divisions by rating.

In addition, USA Pickleball and SSIPA (Super Senior International Pickleball Association) tournaments can be viewed via the links below. You must pay an annual membership fee to these organizations to be eligible to play in these tournaments.

Referenced Materials

USA Pickleball (Sanctioned and Non-Sanctioned)


2021 Official Rulebook

The Great Exodus:  An April Tournament Update

Kevin Hillstrom

Club Champions Crowned

By Renee deLassus


The club championship tournament took place in early March with a Thursday, Friday, Sunday schedule to ensure no one would be tired for Mixed play.  We had 50 women’s teams, 70 men’s teams and 70 mixed teams: making the 2022 club championship the largest in club history. 


The weather was nice, although windy at times. There was a good crowd watching the brackets unfold. It was a double elimination event with a bracket for each rating level in women’s, men’s, and mixed doubles. We had 16+ teams enter at a single rating level in 2 places for men’s and 2 for mixed, allowing us to create 2 brackets for each one, broken out by age. 


The results for each bracket are listed here. The overall club champions are the winners from the open division. Your overall club champions are:


Women’s Doubles - Jo Comstock and Jill Lewis

Men’s Doubles - Steve Manns and Kerry Krueger 

Mixed Doubles - Lisa Milbrath and Alex Potapoff


Congratulations to all players for participating in this fun club event. Thank you to the fans who came out to enjoy the exciting play and support the players. 


Thank you to all the volunteers who served as referees, handled check-in, made scoring updates, handled morning set-up and afternoon cleanup, handled refreshments and snacks as well as those who set up and ran the tournament each day. 

March Tournament Update

Kevin Hillstrom

March 15, 2022


Arizona affords fun pickleball tournament names. Would you rather play in the “Fun in the Sun” tournament in Arizona or head to the Pacific Northwest to play in the “Pain in the Rain” tournament? You tell me.

Pebble Creek had ample participation in a pair of tournaments. The “Fun in the Sun” tournament was held in Sun City West. Did you know, by the way, that there is

something like 27 separate incorporated entities called “Sun City” in the Valley? Ok,

not really. But it seems that way. Eighteen Creekers matched up with four Creeker

referees for this event, with proceeds going to charity. Sadly, I did not win the big

screen TV. Or a match in the tournament. But others were triumphant!

  • Gold Medals

    • Troney Hutchins and Fred Biancardi

    • Jeff Gauvin and Dan Trahon

    • Barb Wise and Yoda Friedenberg

  • Silver Medals

    • Steve Tamparo and Brad Reinschmidt

    • Sue Johnson and Sue Finn

  • Bronze Medal

    • Ellie Love and Roberta Diles

  • Referees

    • Paula Handrup, Garand Jones, Bill Plesha, Robin Weaver

We increasingly see tournaments offering a free lunch with tournament registration. This is a particularly nourishing solution for the participant eliminated from competition prior to medal matches. At least three food trucks were in attendance. I’m told that Guy Fieri would have enjoyed the pulled pork sliders.


Meanwhile, twenty Creekers played in the “Sun City Spring Slam” tournament in … wait for it … wait for it … Sun City!! This was an “indoor/outdoor” event, with eight of the nineteen courts indoors. With 20+mph winds wreaking havoc during the event, indoor play was surely appreciated. Once again, food was included with your tournament registration, and that was a good thing given how hard it was to secure a medal in this tournament.

  • Silver Medal

    • Kim Ebert and Jill Thyr

  • Bronze Medal

    • Kevin Hillstrom and Steve Tamparo

  • Referees

    • Sandy Crabtree, Paula Handrup, Chris Johnson, Garand Jones, Linda Krueger, Bob Philip, Bill Plesha, Roberta Diles


Tournament season heads into the home stretch now. By the time you read this article, a pair of major tournaments will be held at Bell Bank Park in Mesa. The USA Pickleball Southwest Diamond Regional gives Creekers a chance to earn a regional championship. The APP Legacy Open follows a week later at Bell Bank Park, offering winners of each bracket a Golden Ticket to Margaritaville Nationals in Indian Wells.

Happy Trails and Desert Ridge Tournament Update

Kevin Hillstrom

January 31, 2022


Tournament season is heading into the home stretch, folks. The season generally begins in October and grinds unendingly through early April. Sure, there are tournaments before/after October/April, but this is prime-time folks. Snowbirds are here, competition is fierce, and court availability isn’t only limited at Pebble Creek. The only way to be guaranteed a court at these tournaments? Keep winning! Or drop down to the losers bracket. Either way fun is just a third shot drive away.


Over the past two weeks tournaments were held at Happy Trails, and then last weekend the stars of the Pro Pickleball Association battled at Desert Ridge. Creekers were undaunted by the western theme at Happy Trails, and they sure didn’t back down to nearly one thousand competitors at the PPA event.


The two tournaments couldn’t have been more opposite.


Ten humble courts greeted Creekers at Happy Trails, a USA Pickleball sanctioned event (meaning your UTPR changed as you won/lost matches). Volunteer residents shuttled participants from parking lots to the event. Tournament hosts wore western attire, and tournament organizers were unfazed by periodic showers, running an efficient event. Championship matches featured line judges. Line judges! It was the most luxurious moment of pickleball this writer ever experienced. Spectacular out balls were loudly announced while the assembled crowd muttered “aw, he really messed that one up”.


The PPA event is not sanctioned by USA Pickleball, so your UTPR did not change. Your DUPR, however, did change. Got all that? You spend a hundred or more dollars to enter the event and ten dollars to park and you get no UTPR credit. But your DUPR, potentially the future of pickleball ratings at clubs all across the Valley, did change, motivating all to compete.


The PPA event, to be fair, is truly held to funnel our entry fees into the bitcoin account owned by Ben Johns. Yes I’m exaggerating, levity enhances the reading experience.


Most matches at Desert Ridge did not have referees. In exchange, your match could have been played on Center Court, the very court we watched the pros play on last Sunday on Fox Sports 2. That initially seemed like a blessing, but at one point I saw a fellow Creeker chase a DuraFast 40 under the bleachers. Reliable sources tell me it took the Creeker six minutes to extricate himself from maze of temporary and uncomfortable seats installed for the event. Our Creeker, predictably, was saved by a trail of pickleball cocktail that led him out of the bleachers back onto Center Court. It pays to hydrate.


About three dozen Creekers played at least one match across the two venues. The competition was fierce, and coveted medals were earned. Check out the list of winners, you might even find a famous golfer among the mix.

Happy Trails Medal Winners:

Gold - 5.0 60-69 - Jim Barbe & Sherri Steinhauer

Gold - 3.0 50-59 - Kevin Hillstrom & Tori Benz-Hillstrom

Gold - 3.5 60-69 - Chris Stelplugh & Jean O’Reilly

Gold - 4.5 60-69 - Andrea Dilger & Terri Reed

Gold - 5.0 60-69 - Jim Barbe & Jim Kloss

Silver - 4.5 50-59 - Jo Comstock & YoYo Monroe

Bronze - 3.4 70+ - Fred Biancardi & Tee Hutchins

Bronze - 4.0 50-59 - Greg Wellington & Jon Bernard


PPA Desert Ridge Medal Winners:

Gold - 3.5 70+ - John Donavan & Dean Goupil

Silver - 3.5 70+ - Roberta Diles & Ellie Love

Bronze - 3.5 60+ - Brad Reinschmidt & Steve Tamparo

Bronze - 3.5 70+ - Roberta Diles & Dean Goupil

Bronze - 4.0, 50+ - Tammy Dana-Bashian & Joe Michalko 


It goes without saying that our Pebble Creek tournament is just days away. Come on down and watch some of the best players in the Valley compete against the people you battle in Round Robins, Ladders, and Open Play. With luck, we won’t have to pull a competitor out from under the bleachers next to Court 12.

Jeff Gauvin and Dan Trahon.jpg

Pebble Creek Pickleball Club at Monster Smash!

Kevin Hillstrom


In  “The Goonies,” Mikey reminds Andy that “Goonies never say die” seconds before Andy sends her jacket up Troy’s bucket, effectively becoming a Goonie.


This concept applied on Halloween weekend at “Monster Smash”, run by the Surprise Pickleball Association at Surprise Community Park outside of Phoenix. The four-day event hosted 507 players, including four dozen members of the Pebble Creek Pickleball Club and those with close ties to the club watching or playing in the tournament. PCPB is one of the largest pickleball clubs in the world, with 1,427 pickleball-crazed members.


We pursued a treasure hunt of medals through unrelenting brackets. Did we find treasure?




3.5 medalists across Men’s, Women’s and Mixed play were Linda Tompkins, Debbie Ginsberg, Tammy Dana-Bashian, Millie Enzler, Jeff Gauvin and Mark Baltes. Sue Johnson and Jim Farley medaled in 4.0. Jo Comstock, Kari Rambo, Wade Johnson, Keith West, and Scot Johnson medaled in 4.5. In 5.0 play, Lisa Milbrath, Cyn Armstrong, Jim Barbe, Greg Whitfield, Lyla Reibel and Wade Johnson all medaled.


A weekend theme emerged among Pebble Creek Pickleball Club players and fans: “Creekers never say die.” It was common for a dozen Pebble Creek Pickleball Club members to cheer fellow competitors, regardless of the score. This is an underrated aspect of tournament play, the shared experience. Support matters! Many teams overcame large deficits, rallying to make scores close or to pull off unlikely wins, aided by the support of fellow Creekers.


We had so much fun!


If you have an opportunity to play in a local pickleball tournament, please do so. Or join us in Pebble Creek in February for our annual tournament via pickleballtournaments.com. We’d love to share our community with you.