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Player Development


The Club provides a range of skill and strategy sessions tailored for all levels, from beginners to advanced players. Moreover, to ensure ample opportunity for skill improvement, designated practice times have been established exclusively for practice, drilling, and ball machine utilization.

Our player development curriculum and coaching approach are designed to enhance skills and strategies in accordance with individual skill levels. The player development classes aim to deliver foundational skills and strategy training at each stage. To enhance players' performance, we suggest engaging with Training Videos, practicing drills in groups, and utilizing the club's ball machine for repetitive stroke practice. For those with a strong desire to expedite their progress, we highly recommend enrolling in our Coaches for Courts Program, which offers personalized and ongoing training.

Intro to Pickleball:

All newcomers to pickleball are encouraged to begin with the Introduction to Pickleball class, where the fundamentals of the game will be introduced. Club members can then advance through the new player development program, including Novice A and Novice B skill levels, along with coaching, prior to participating in competitive club events.

These courses include a crucial informational session and orientation to both the Club and the pickleball facility. While our Intro to Pickleball class is open to non-Club members, participation in any Club event beyond this class requires membership.


Create an account and enroll now via Court Reserve!


Novice A - Skill Building with Coaching:

  • This session targets members who have completed the Introduction to Pickleball class.

  • The focus is on a more comprehensive exploration of basic skills through instructional drills conducted with fellow players.

  • Additionally, this session covers further guidance on gameplay, rules, and strategic approaches.

  • An instructor will be present to provide coaching and support.


Novice B - Play with Coaching:

This session is dedicated to gameplay with coaching. Participants will apply the skills they've honed, work on court positioning, and scoring, all under the guidance of a coach.

To participate, kindly register for either of these sessions via Court Reserve. For any queries or concerns, feel free to reach out to Beth Kelly at 970-218-9470.


Focused Skill Training:

Skills and Strategies will engage in an in-depth exploration of various aspects of the game. We'll alternate between beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels on a weekly basis. Players are not required to sign up with a partner, however having a partner for partnered drills, aligned with skill levels, promises more engaging and productive practice sessions.

Upcoming training includes Strategy Classes, Train the Trainers, Referee Training, and Practice and Drilling Sessions.


Practice Courts:

At PCPB Club, practice entails drilling, ball machine use, and coaching. There are two practice options on the pickleball courts. Firstly, players can practice during off-peak times when courts are available. Once all courts are occupied, practice ends to accommodate Open Play or Drop-In courts. Secondly, specific times are allocated for one-hour practice sessions on designated courts. During this hour, players can exclusively engage in drilling, ball machine exercises, or receive coaching. Practice sessions start and conclude at the top of each hour. Consult the CourtReserve schedule for dedicated practice court details.

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