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Player Development


In the upcoming year, we will be building on the already successful programs of Intro to Pickleball, Skills and Strategies, and Coaching for Courts, while also introducing a library of Training Videos.

USA Pickleball Association (USAPA) has set out specific skills they believe are needed for each numerical rating 2.5-5.0. The Club does not use these ratings as we have moved to parity of play standards, however, as players want to improve their game, reviewing these needed skills will be helpful.

Player development curriculum and coaching will be focused on how to improve skill and strategy appropriate for each color group. 


Player Development classes are meant to provide introductory skill and strategy training at each level.  For players to improve their games we recommend studying the Training Videos, get a group to practice the drills we will be providing and use the club ball machine for repetition on strokes.  For those players really interested in improving their game quickly we highly recommend our Coaches for Courts Program where you can have individualized and ongoing training. 

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