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Round Robins

Round Robins: a great way to enjoy social play with a variety of different members.​ For Round Robin play, you do not need to have a partner; all you need to do is to sign up on Court Reserve for the day that your group (men’s, women’s or mixed) plays.


There are two goals of our Round Robins:

  • To have fun.

  • To have parity of play so that games have close scores.

The Club offers Round Robin play in all Color Groups.  Only players who are assigned to that Color Group are eligible to play. Sign up for Round Robin Events open at 7:00 pm, seven days prior to the event. For some Round Robins there may be two sessions offered (i.e., Women’s Red, session 1 and session 2). Players may only sign up for one gender (men or women’s) event each week, in addition to the mixed Round Robin. The split session allows for more courts, thus giving players more opportunity to play. Players may not register for both gender sessions; however, players may sign-up on both waitlists. As soon as a player receives confirmation that they have been registered in either session, that player must quickly remove their name from the other waitlist.  


Members need to be at the courts 10 minutes prior to the start of the Round Robin. This allows the co-captain to get all players organized and ready for play at the assigned start time.  In our traditional Round Robins, players receive partner and court assignment for each game via a numerical chart.  Player’s play one game to 11, win by 1.  Rally scoring may be used to finish some games.  After the game is over, players leave the court, then look at the chart for their number and the next court to play on. In general, players play 5-6 games per day.


A Round Robins’ variation of play, called split-and-go, may also be used.  This type of Round Robin allows for more members to participate.  The split-and-go is much more fluid as players come off the court, split with their partner, then return to play on the next available court.


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