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Club Ratings

Spring & Summer 2024



In previous years, the club has honored exceptional performance in the Club Championship for rating advancement. This year, we're merging levels to utilize software to manage the tournament (e.g., merge 3.5 & 3.75 into the 3.5 bracket). The Tournament Committee has also introduced age brackets to promote fair play, but this has introduced complexity in establishing straightforward guidelines for rating advancement, as our ratings are age-independent.

In a meeting jointly attended by both the outgoing and incoming boards (all nominees are running unopposed), it was decided that due to this added complexity, no automatic advancements will be granted solely by winning Gold in any bracket. However, the joint boards have established the following criteria to qualify players for further objective evaluation, to be administered by the incoming board.

  • No advancement will be granted from mixed play.

  • A player can only advance by one level (.25) based on their Club Championship performance.

  • To qualify for the further objective evaluation, a player must:

    • Participate in a bracket with at least 6 teams.

    • Win Gold in their bracket (2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5+); all age brackets are eligible.

    • Win any medal while playing up an entire level (e.g., 3.0 or 3.25 playing in the 3.5 bracket); all age brackets are eligible.




The current and incoming board members have discussed ratings as a group as well as part of a recent rating committee meeting. The current board will not make exceptions or changes to the process with just days before terms expire at the end of March. 


So what’s going on with ratings?


Playing in CRS events has been the primary path for changing a club rating since September. That will continue through March.


The club has generally suspended rating changes during the “summer season” - that will happen again this year.  We will suspend rating changes a bit earlier than in years past. We will put the dynamic rating CRS events on hold after the men’s event on March 29.


The current board and rating panel has received several requests to consider changing a member’s club rating outside of the CRS event process. Though strong cases have been made by several that a member may be misplaced, to be fair and consistent, we have not changed ratings based on special requests or exceptions that are outside our current, established CRS practices.


The incoming board will evaluate CRS and various alternatives over the summer. You can anticipate that after review, the board will launch enhancements to programs to begin again in the fall, including the path for rating changes.


NOTE: The club will continue to assign club ratings to new members coming into the club with prior pickleball experience. 

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