Rating System

2021 PebbleCreek Pickleball Rating System


PebbleCreek Pickleball (PCPB) club ratings help group players by ability level, so everyone has fun and competes in club rated activities with other players of similar ability. No rating system will ever be perfect, but it should improve a player’s probability of having an equitable match.


PCPB club ratings are optional; however, they are required to play in round robins and are used for drop-in play, placement in some club tournaments, and skills & strategies training.


Players can request a rating if they don’t have one or request advancement in their rating if they feel they are one of the strongest players at the current skill level and confident they have the skills to compete at the higher rating. (For specific expectations on skills and game play for each rating level, see the PebbleCreek Pickleball Club Ratings Guide).  The Club Raters may initiate a change to a player’s rating as well if they feel a player does not belong in their current level due to their demonstrated skills/competitiveness.  Self-ratings or other area club ratings are not used to determine PCPB Club ratings.


The Club Raters are a small group comprised of two men and two women who work together to provide a consistent approach to the rating process for all ratings above 2.5.  Every effort is made to ensure more than one Club Rater is involved in every rating interaction.


There are 4 basic ratings paths depending on the specific situation:

  1. New players entering at the Beginner Level (Rating of 2.5 & Below)

  2. Skills/Competitiveness based rating advancement (Ratings of 3.0 & Above)

  3. Established tournament players with a current UTPR/IPTPA rating

  4. Initiated by Club Raters

Note: New club members who have pickleball experience may go through an abbreviated skills and competitiveness rating session to get an initial rating so they can join club events that require a rating.

1. Beginner Level (Rating of 2.5 and Below)

The beginner levels are for club members who have not previously played pickleball and consist of levels of 2.5 and below.  The player attends beginner instruction to learn the game.  The instructor(s) evaluate skills, competitiveness and understanding of the game and provide an initial movement from 1.0 to 2.0 and then to a rating of 2.5.

Advancement to 2.5 requires recommendation by the instructor(s). The player must demonstrate appropriate pickleball skills (See the PebbleCreek Pickleball Club Ratings Guide).

Attendance at training session(s) is strongly encouraged for those new to pickleball.

2. Skills/Competitiveness Based Rating Advancement (Rating of 3.0 & Above)

A player requesting a rating change must complete the online form stating their desired level and confirming they believe they demonstrate the skills required and that they believe they are competitive at the desired skill level.

The Club Raters will reach out to the player by email and outline the specific steps and logistics that will be taken to allow the Raters to observe the skills and competitiveness required. Skills and competitiveness will likely be a two-step process, but the Club Raters reserve the option to have both steps occur at the same time. Mixed doubles will not be used as a standard for rating demonstration of skills or competitiveness.  If there are a large number of players at one level/gender requesting a rating change, the process may start with elimination play using ghost doubles with players at the same level.

rating advancement.png

Demonstration of Skills will utilize one of the following:

  • Organized play where the committee sets up ladder style or round robin style play with control players and/or others being evaluated for a rating change

  • Observation at regular club Ladder play

  • Observation at regular club Round Robin play

Demonstration of Competitiveness will utilize one of the following:

  • Organized play where the committee sets up ladder style or round robin style play with control players and/or others being evaluated for a rating change

  • Ghost doubles with others at the desired rating level

  • Club events such as tournaments and club championship


Following a rating evaluation, the Club Raters will provide the player with specific feedback on things they did well and things they should continue to focus on.  If the new rating is not granted, a player must wait a minimum of 30 days before reapplying for a rating increase.

3. Established Tournament Players - UTPR/IPTPA Rating

Any club member (current or new) with an established USA Pickleball sanctioned tournament gender rating (UTPR), can submit their four-digit UTPR ratings to the ratings committee for consideration.  If the UTPR does not include recent tournament activity, the Club Raters can require qualification at the level requested.

UTPR rating can change four times a year, however the club will not automatically move a player up or down based on a UTPR change. Any club member has the opportunity to advance their club rating higher than their UTPR.

A Certified Rating Specialist (CRS) from the IPTPA (International Pickleball Teaching Professional Association) can be used and a fee will be charged to the individual to obtain a rating and it can be submitted in the same manner as the UTPR.  The Club Raters may still require qualification at the level requested to ensure standardization of club ratings.  More information regarding the IPTPA testing is on their website at https://iptpa.com/iptpa-rating-skills-assessment/.


4. Club Rater Initiated

The Club Raters may initiate a rating change, without a formal rating session, for a player that is deemed to be dominating game play at their current level where the raters unanimously believe the correct skills are being displayed. The committee may also utilize Club ladder play results by reviewing a minimum of 6 weeks of play that is considered beyond the player’s current rating.  Results from club events and tournaments may also be used by the Club Raters.



If you are wondering if you are at the correct rating, there are two things you can do:

1 – Participate in the club round robin at your current level.  The round robin is generally 6 games to 11, win by 1, allowing for a total of 66 points if all games are won.  Keep track of your scores and if you score between 42-60 points total, then you are likely in the correct round robin.  If you consistently score more that 60 points over multiple weeks of play you may want to submit a request to move up.

Any club member can submit a request to move down if they are no longer competitive at the current level.  A score of less than 42 cumulative points across multiple round robins is an indicator you should consider requesting a reduction in your rating.  Players who are consistently non-competitive in the round robins may be asked by the Club Raters to re-certify for that level or have the option to move down a level.

2 – Review the specific expectations on skills and game play for the desired rating level in the PebbleCreek Pickleball Club Ratings Guide.  It outlines different skills and game play scenarios for you to self-evaluate your play.