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New Member Placement


All new members need to complete our New Member Rating Request Form for proper placement.


When evaluating applications from new members, we will carefully consider their history of tournament participation, club ratings, and overall experience.


For existing and new members who possess tournament experience, we will provide them with an initial club rating equal to the highest value among DUPR, UTPR, or WPR. We will look at match history, the half-life for DUPR, and other relevant information to ensure the tournament rating is recent and reliable.


Individuals who bring pickleball experience from another club but haven't engaged in tournaments will receive a club rating, based upon their outside club rating. Verification of the outside rating will be required.


Experienced players without a prior club rating will undergo skill assessment by a rating panel member. This evaluation will guide their initial placement.  We are sensitive to those members that are here only a short time, and we want them to get involved in club events as quickly as we can. This could be a control player process with comparably skilled players, a relevant round robin, or drop-in, depending on a player’s availability and schedules. 


Placement of all new members with prior experience will start their CRS rating at the observed level and start their club rating down .25.  This is to protect our current members from erroneous placement by the rating panel.  If a player is truly at that level they will be able to maintain a CRS rating after at least 15 games in a CRS.


For those entirely new to pickleball, our Intro to Pickleball course and Novice A and B sessions will provide them with the necessary skills. Completion of these sessions will lead to an initial club rating. New members that successfully move through the Novice sessions will most likely start at 2.50 Club Rating. In the exceptional situation where a player demonstrates advanced skill and athletic ability, they will be referred to the Rating Panel for placement in CRS to establish an appropriate club rating.

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