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Quick Update


CRS is working!


After the pilot led by Kevin Hillstrom demonstrated a CRS can work effectively for our club, we implemented a Computerized Rating System (CRS) in September 2023.

1 Why a CRS?


  • it is objective

  • based on performance on the court

  • not focused on a particular style of play

  • is measured over a body of work, not a single afternoon of play

  • no need to request an observation, simply sign up for a CRS event

  • less onerous on observers/raters

  • the player is in control of the rate at which they advance 

  • many improve quickly, others gradually

  • they desire a rating that reflects their ever changing level of play

  • improvement isn’t a straight line up

  • simply keep playing in CRS event(s)


2 How can I advance my club rating?


  • The pathway to a change in club rating is simple: participate in CRS events. 

  • Scores are recorded in the computer algorithm. 

  • The CRS rating is dynamic, changing after every game - not unlike a golf index or handicap!

  • The pilot and our experience since September 2023 reinforce CRS begins to stabilize after 15 games/matches and is statistically accurate after 30. 

  • The club rating is relatively static, changing periodically based on CRS Rating with at least 15 games played for 3.5 or under and 30 games for 3.75 and greater.

  • After meeting the 15 / 30 game threshold a player must demonstrate they are able to maintain that rating over a 6 / 12 game rolling average for 3.5 and under and 3.75 and above respectively.

  • An additional control player process is necessary to advance to levels 4.5 and above.

  • Club ratings will change weekly based on CRS results.


3 Wait - I just want to have fun and play pickleball!


  • Club Rating drives participation in most club events, and it is working just fine

  • Members pursuing advancement will also enjoy the more relaxed and fun nature of Club Rating Events.

  • Many members may not have a concern with ratings.

    • They play with a priority on fun on the courts over rating level. 

    • Rating advancement isn’t a concern

    • They don’t need two numeric ratings

    • If/when that day comes,, they can follow this new path. 

    • Until then, this is a lot of noise…and we get it - ignore it until it’s relevant, if ever


4 So - when can I start?


  • Registration opens a week in advance.

  • There is room for up to 120 each week to start.

  • The initial format will be a 4, 5, 8, 9 or 10 person round robin, depending on registrations

  • Players will be ranked by initial CRS rating. ”ties” in ranking will be broken randomly. 

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