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CRS Ladder

PebbleCreek Pickleball Club embarked on a new era with competitive events.  Starting September 3, 2023 we utilized the courts typically designated for Traditional Ladder for CRS Ladder.  Once our new courts become available, we will reinstate Traditional Ladder.

The CRS Ladder is designed to offer both a fun and competitive experience, with a primary focus on enjoyment and a secondary goal of advancing your rating. We encourage everyone to give it a shot, as it presents an excellent opportunity to connect with new players and enhance your gameplay.


CRS refers to Computerized Rating System.  All members interested in advancing their club rating will first have to raise their CRS rating to the minimum threshold of the new level.  Refer to the Ratings section of this website for more information.  Currently, CRS Ladder is the only event used to calculate a CRS rating.

The CRS ladder combines elements of a round robin format with that of a Ladder. Scores will be tracked and input into our computerized rating system. This system will enable players to move both up and down the ladder based on their CRS rating. Each week, player flights will be organized according to their CRS rating, ensuring competitive matches.


  • CRS Initial Player Rating - Participants in CRS Ladder will have a starting CRS rating at the midpoint of their Club Rating Level.  For example, the 3.25 level is from 3.25 to 3.50, therefore the midpoint is 3.375.   

  • Registration on CourtReserve - All participants will register on CourtReserve into a single event – CRS Ladder - Men will be on Fridays and CRS Ladder -Women will be on Thursdays.

  • Flights - Registrants will be divided into flights of 4, 5, 8, 9 or10 players sorted by their CRS rating.  The top group of players will be in flight 1, the next group of players in flight 2 and so on.   Players will be flighted with players of similar abilities based on their CRS rating. 

  • Record Results and Recalculate Rating - All scores are recorded and entered into our current CRS (computerized rating system) to return a rating.  Depending on the outcome of each game a player’s CRS rating will increase or decrease.  The following week flights will be determined by the new CRS rating. 

  • Climb the Ladder - Players can earn their way up to higher flights by increasing their CRS rating.


The CRS rating generated from this event will be used to advance a players Club Rating.  Beginning December 14, 2023 the requirements to advance to the next level are outlined below: (See How to Change your Club Rating for more information)

Process         Min Games Required       # of games for moving Avg       Control Group Process

2.5 to 3.75                 15                                                6                                           No

3.75 to 4.25               30                                               12                                          No

4.25 to 5.0+               30                                               12                                          Yes


Unfinished Games – 6-point rule


From time-to-time players get injured or start to feel ill during a game or a series of games.  For example, when a player gets heat exhaustion, or is coming down with or recovering from a virus.  Or perhaps they pull a muscle or take a fall while playing and it’s wiser to stop playing than to proceed.  If a player withdraws before the game is complete the following rules apply.


  • If neither team has 6 points, the game will not count.

  • If either team has 6 points, then.

    • If the non-withdrawing team is ahead, they will win the game.

    • If the withdrawing team is ahead, the game will not count.

    • If the score is tied the game will not count.


CRS Etiquette –

  • Withdrawing Player

    • It’s important to only participate when you are healthy.

      • Many players are actively trying to improve their CRS rating to advance in Club Rating.   

      • It will also cause a setback in a player’s own CRS journey. 

    • When in doubt, sit it out.

      • Please cancel 2 days in advance if you are unsure, you will be full strength by the day of the event.

      • If you get injured or become ill within 2 days of the event, please call the Pairing Coordinator or the On-site Coordinator and withdraw.   The more notice the better.  Occasionally, they will have to recruit a player to fill a flight. 

  • Partner of Struggling / Withdrawing Player

    • If you notice your partner is struggling with injury or illness, check in with them to see how they are feeling.  Ask if they are okay to continue.

    • Gracefully accept their assessment of their health. 

    • To lose a game under these circumstances is disappointing, but it’s still just one game.

  • Opposing team

    • If a player withdraws before 6 points are reached, accept their decision. 

    • We want to encourage players to make choices that support their health.



​To view the WEEKLY Ladder Results, please click on the button above. 


Women's Thursday CRS Ladder Pairings Coordinator

Tammy Dana-Bashian

Women’s Thursday on-site Coordinator

Vicky Ballew


Men's Friday CRS Ladder Pairings Coordinator
John Pihl

Men’s Friday on-site Coordinator

Jeff Gauvin


Men and Women Sunday CRS Ladder Pairing Coordinator

John Pihl

Men and Women Sunday CRS Ladder on-site Coordinator

Chris Stelplugh

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