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CRS Ladder

PebbleCreek Pickleball Club is embarking on a new era with competitive events.  Starting September 3, 2023 we will be utilizing the courts typically designated for Traditional Ladder for CRS Ladder.  Once our new courts become available, we will reinstate Traditional Ladder.

The CRS Ladder is designed to offer both a fun and competitive experience, with a primary focus on enjoyment and a secondary goal of advancing your rating. We encourage everyone to give it a shot, as it presents an excellent opportunity to connect with new players and enhance your gameplay.


CRS refers to Computerized Rating System.  All members interested in advancing their club rating will first have to raise their CRS rating to the minimum threshold of the new level.  Refer to the Ratings section of this website for more information.  Currently, CRS Ladder is the only event used to calculate a CRS rating.

The CRS ladder combines elements of an 8-10 person round robin format with that of a Ladder. Scores will be tracked and input into our computerized rating system. This system will enable players to move both up and down the ladder based on their CRS rating. Each week, player flights will be organized according to their CRS rating, ensuring competitive matches.


  • CRS Initial Player Rating - Participants in CRS Ladder will have a starting CRS rating at the midpoint of their Club Rating Level.  For example, the 3.25 level is from 3.25 to 3.50, therefore the midpoint is 3.375.   

  • Appeal of Initial CRS Rating - For players who believe they belong to a higher level we have a one-time appeal to increase the players initial CRS rating.  This appeal will not increase the player’s Club Rating.  The player must play at least 15 games and maintain a CRS rating more than the minimum threshold for the next level.  See the Appeals section of this website for more information. (Link)

  • Registration on CourtReserve - All participants will register on CourtReserve into a single event – CRS Ladder - Men will be on Tuesdays and CRS Ladder -Women will be on Thursdays.

  • Flights - Registrants will be divided into flights of 8-10 players sorted by their CRS rating.  The top 8-10 players will be in flight 1, the next 8-10 players in flight 2 and so on.   Players will be flighted with players of similar abilities based on their CRS rating.  8-10 players allow for last-minute cancellations and allow more players to participate each week.

  • Record Results and Recalculate Rating - All scores are recorded and entered into our current CRS (computerized rating system) to return a rating.  Depending on the outcome of each game a player’s CRS rating will increase or decrease.  The following week flights will be determined by the new CRS rating. 

  • Climb the Ladder - Players can earn their way up to higher flights by increasing their CRS rating.

The CRS rating generated from this event will be used in the future to promote and demote players Club Rating.  However, the club is providing a 4-month trial period (Sept-Dec) for members to try the CRS ladder without any risk of reducing their club rating.  See the ratings page for more information.

​To view the WEEKLY Ladder Pairings and Results, please click on the buttons above.  That is where you will find the information for your ladder play with the latest information shown as well as any last-minute changes.  Emails will no longer be sent out to individual players as was previously done so it will be the player’s responsibility to know their time and court assignment each week.


Women's CRS Ladder Captain

Sharon Hadley:


Men's CRS Ladder Captain
Jeff Gauvin:

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