Something for Everyone!

Drop-In Play

Fun social play if you do not have a group of 4

players. All day and evening 4 courts are

designated as drop-in courts: Courts 4/5 for 3.5

and above; Courts 6/7 for 2.0-3.0. Players simply

place their paddles in the box and 4 players take

to the courts in the order they come up. A great

place to start if you are new or want to play with

different people.

Lots of fun!

Open Play

For groups of 4 players. Either arrange in advance

to meet at the courts or find 3 others at the courts.

Open Play courts are divided into two “pods” based

on their proximity to each other. Pod 1 is courts 1, 8

and 13-16; Pod 2 is courts 2,3 and 9-12. Pod 2 is closed to Open play during round robins. If a round robin is run in the evening, Pod 1 is limited to courts 1 and 8; Pod 2 is limited to courts 2 and 3.

Players place their paddles in the box and when a court opens, the first group of 4 players play one game (play to 11, win by 1). After one game all players move off the court and place their paddles at the end of the line in the box. See Open Play Etiquette.

Round Robin Play

Round Robin play is for members at a specific level to sign-up and play (gender specific and/or mixed doubles).  When players arrive 10-15 minutes prior to the event start time, they sign in and receive a player number.  A round robin bracket sheet will indicate the court that player number will play on for one game (play to 11, win by 1).  After each game, players check the round robin bracket for the location of the next game.  Sign ups on Court Reserve open one (1) week prior to the event so we encourage players to sign up on a wait list if all available spots are taken. Any court that is not being used for Round Robins will revert to Open Play.

Ladder Play

All club members are welcome to join the men’s or women’s ladder play. Ladders is a great way to meet new players and improve your play. It’s also a good way for players who are  interested in tournament play to practice.  Sign up for Ladders is done on our Court Reserve booking system and begins in the fall.

In-House Tournaments

Each year the club holds two tournaments available to all members, The Final Four (November) and The Club Championship (March). Upon completion of our 16 new courts in 2022, there will be additional tournaments for club members.

Annual Pebblecreek Pickleball Tournament (February)

Entering its 6th year in 2022, our annual USAPA sanctioned event is open to all USAPA members.